I mostly write stories about broken people. Not the ones who are depressed, have social anxiety, or are generally dysfunctional. But, highly functional ones who direct their rage and anger toward the ones who helped create them. This is generally accomplished through highly targeted killings of people that almost no one in mainstream society misses for more than a few minutes. Predators, drug dealers, and other deviants fall prey to the Likes of Lucena Burning and Rana (Soon to appear). Some of my characters have been broken through war and the stories are about their own horrors. Others are about people who have suffered great losses and are looking for answers, usually through companionship. There is a fair amount of sexual content in the books and sometimes the character resort to substance abuse.

I have ten years of experience in the medical field as an emergency room technician and Army medic, so many of the killings are very graphic and sometimes based on my experiences. Lucena is especially hard on her victims, often adding torture and extra cruelty, especially where the victim was hard on her. She likes to include the abuse bestowed on her in her work to remind the person why they are about to die a horrible death. Of course, if their is a killer on the loose, there will be someone trying to catch them and their story will eventually blend into their quarry’s. Be kind to each other out there, or Lucena might pick you next. Then there’s Rana, but she hasn’t arrived yet…

If serial killers are not your thing, try one of my books like Song of Her Soul. It’s about a man whose job is to listen to the stars, but finds that he can also hear the music of a woman as well. It is a highly sexual adventure with travels from Virginia to Florida and locations along the coast between. Everything is better at the beach, including the sex.

War often breaks people down, Marathon Moon is about a couple who meet while in military rehab, due to injuries and PTSD. They do not become model citizens, despite their best efforts. Instead, they find comfort with each other, and substance abuse. It has been called a hard read due to the subject matter, but like life, it includes both positive and negative outcomes. It’s a story that needed to be written.

In Coontie, a young man flees what he perceives as a horrible life as a teenager in southern Missouri by hopping a train east. He soon finds himself in a world where dealing drugs is his only option to survive. That is until he steals from the wrong people and once they catch up, he has to run to live. They say if you take someone’s significant other, they might eventually forgive you, but not so if you take their money.

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