Mick is a marked man by two drug cartels. In desperation, he sets up a tense standoff with the local police force and negotiates to surrender if he can first speak with Phil, a famous TV host. The iconic host of Phil Finds the Missing arrives a few hours later. Phil agrees to meet with Mick in the hopes of boosting his show’s declining popularity. Often he has resorted to the use of enhancements to his “real life” stories.
Mick realizes that this will be risky as the publicity will give away his whereabouts but being in custody by the police may keep him protected long enough to save himself from the cartel and ensure that his missing girlfriend, Pam is unharmed. Phil’s investigation gets him far deeper into Mick’s problems than he could ever imagine.
Coincidences and opportunistic greed take everyone in a race to survive as the story moves through the Florida Keys and offshore. Who lives and, more importantly, who dies? You’ll have no problem reading to the end to find out.

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