Lucena Burning

This is the second book in the series and the main story of Lucena. If you read Florida Pines first, Lucena may make more sense to you.

Lucena is a seemingly normal Florida girl who also happens to be a ruthless killer. Her childhood started out normally but a series of tragedies put her into the foster care system and then an abusive relationship. She finally breaks and unleashes hell on the men who caused her harm. Her unique methods of murder require an accomplice and she knows how to find just the right one. She stalks him and gives him a night of unbridled pleasure. She then stops pursuit and he forgets about her. That is until she kidnaps him and uses chemical and physical enticements to help him forget his life and make sure he is always willing to assist in her in whatever maniacal scheme that is next on her agenda, no matter how bloody and bizarre it gets.

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